TMC set up in 2000 by Richard and Carol Thomas in Project Management Contracting, we are now one of the leading bespoke recruitment agencies for Qualified Professionals, Medical Specialists, I.T Professionals, Engineers and Trades People looking for a new life in Australia or Canada. With Affiliated Offices in the UK, Ireland and Australia, together we have over 20 years experience in the Recruitment and Consultancy Industries

Based in the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire, TMC assists people with finding a job, writing a Professional C.V., getting an Employment or Emigration Visa through our Registered Visa Agents, Relocating to Australia or Canada, and then fully supporting them once there.

With our help, Australian Employers increase their company’s productivity and profits while our candidates improve on their career progression by gaining access to top quality companies.

Our vetting process consists of much more than just examining candidate's paper CV. Great importance is put on their life experiences and what makes them tick. This ensures that we match the candidate's abilities and experience with their exact requirements and with the requirements of our client's organisation.